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University project, 2019

This project engages with the process of the remodelling of an existing building of historical value, the Eastbridge Hospital located in Canterbury, UK, as well as the subject of sustainability. The research for the project is based on five main topics: Design + Innovation, Sustainability, People + Places, Heritage + Adaptive reuse, Education + Exhibition. 

The Sustainable Drawing Centre is a place for anyone who wants to learn how to draw, practice their drawing skills or support the sustainability aspect of the organisation which is reducing paper waste. The students are encouraged to bring any scrap paper/ cardboard/fabric they own (dry plants can be added for decoration) to give it a new purpose by recycling it through the process of manual paper-making.

1:50 sectional model


1:100 isometric of the proposal


Collage exploring materials and textures for the proposal and the model

Prototype of a lampshade made of recycled paper

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