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University project, 2019

SVÄNGA (Swedish for pivot) is a four way seesaw with a table designed to encourage teamwork and conversation. The table can only be used for its purpose when it is completely horizontal which motivates the users to find balance and each of the four people is required to put effort in the process.

SVÄNGA is a flat pack product made almost entirely from 18mm poplar plywood, the seats being the recycled element required by the brief as they were cut from a found chipboard shelving unit (which is why they have imperfections).

The project was inspired by Scandinavian architecture and Ikea furniture, the choice of light wood in particular.

The colour scheme stems from the integration of recycled materials into the structure, namely the shelving unit that came from a nursery and employed the primary colours (and green). The bright colours also set a youthful and fun tone for the project.

The primary colours helped establish a connection with the Bauhaus exhibition happening at the University during the development of this project, as well as choose a location for the event where SVÄNGA would be shown in action.

The structure itself was also influenced by the Bauhaus principles: form follows function, simplified structure, honest construction and absence of ornaments (minimalism).

svanga axo.jpg
svanga axo2.jpg

Set of drawings showing how to assemble the structure with instructions

1:10 MDF lasercut model of the structure